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4 in 1 No-Needle Mesotherapy Micro Electricity Ultrasonic Cooling Beauty Equipment Machine


1. The principle and function

     No needle Mesotherapy is a efficient, non-invasive and safe beauty therapy which replacing the traditional injective mesotherapy (with needle and micro-needle) completely. It guides various active ingredients into mesoblast by using the latest water electrophoresis and water channel proteins technologies. It is supplemented by soft light and cool seal stimulation, and with the "point to surface" ultra penetration technology transfer the high energy stoste into inside skin, uniformly, completely, deeply, and to multi-point, so that the high-energy stoste with the active ingredients and kinds of nutrition can be rapidly absorbed by the skin tissue.

 2. Core technology:
) Whitening , wrinkle removing

  (2) To enhance, tighten

    (3) Sculpture facial contours

    (4) Convergence chin

    (5) Remove neck lines

    (6) Shrink pores, calm, anti-allergy

    (7) To improve the eye problems (eye tail lines, eye bags, dark circles )

 3. accessory

    1. Hot head: it can cause hypodermic depth portion to warm up and blood capillaries and the lymphatic tissues in the deep places to flow smoothly. It can benefit the nutrition penetrate into the deep skin layer.

    2. Freezing head: cold hammer is helpful for minimizing pores, skin tightening, anti-wrinkle and facial lifting and keeps your skin elastic and energetic. It can minimize the pore, calming the flesh and comforting the    nerve.

    3. Electroporation injection: This tiny "medical bullets" are delivered directly into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin ) that are highly specific to the condition being treated.

    4.Probe for eyes: Training and tightening up the eye muscles flexibility, It can tighten bags under the eyes, relieve eyestrain and Black faint

 4. Machine Operation

   1. Clean the skin

   2.detect customer's skin

   3. Skin care: customer lies on the regimen pad( connect the pad to II), and beautician make skin care by mesotherapy inject head. The theory is electroporation. (about 5 mins every side of face)

   4. Hot head: beautician make further skin care by ultrasonic head without lying on the pad. Thus the essense can be absorbed more efficiently.( about 5 mins every side of face)

   5. Freezing repair head: beautician make skin care by freezing repair head, so that the essense or cream will not run off or volatilize. What's more , it has the function of pore shrink.(about 5 mins every side of face)

   6. Cover a facial mask after the operation if you like. (about 15 mins)

   7. eye care: customer lies on the regimen pad(connect the pad to I), and beautician make eye care by electrophoresis head for eye.(about 5 mins each eye)

   8. Skin detect: detect customers' skin for a comparison.

Parameters--- 2016 Hottest 4 in 1 No-Needle Mesotherapy Micro Electricity Ultrasonic Cooling Beauty Equipment Machine


LCD Screen






110V-220V / 50Hz – 60Hz

Output power


Package size(cm)

46 * 41 *38 Cm



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