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Breast Beauty device, Breast Fullness, Patter Breast Care


Professional Breast facial instrument Instruction
1. Beauty body theory 
Use non-toxic, harmless, no side effects to humans’ body pure physical therapy-- Airstreams Massage and Complemented by the rhythm of rhythm control. Thus stimulating the secretion of the body's circulatory system and to local muscle adequate nutritional supplements and exercise to aerobics strong results.

Breast Beauty Theory
Basis Physiological principle, the Breast fullness or flat decisions by the majority of fat cells in Breast structure. will breast fullness, Must try to make fat cells growth
increases in the breast,but increase and growth of breast cells, must enhance our fat cells absorb fatty acids capacity . To effectively enhance fat cells absorb the fatty acids capacity, Must use the ethanol hormone estrogen to stimulate, for ethanol hormone estrogen to stimulate fat cells, must input ethanol hormone estrogen to the breast tissue of the flow to other parts of the body. Alcohol ovarian hormones is the estrogen in the monthly cycle of the female hormone secretion, When in the time of the hormone estrogen ethanol in the plasma concentration increased, use RU-8204 professional breast care, lift stern and beauty body equipment’s Rhythm breast care function on the implementation of breast intermittent suction and massage, To enhance local blood circulation, And guide the large number of female hormones ethanol into the breasts, Stimulate fat cells, Enhance absorb fatty acids ability, To natural expand the breasts, To achieve the purpose of the breast fullness and strengthening. It will have more obvious effects if use with the appropriate practices massage, breast care drug treatment. At the same time, RU-8204 professional breast care, lift stern and beauty body machine have amendment the breast Curve and nipple repair function.

2. Care procedure 
Step 1: use physically clean cream clean the need positions.
Step 2: in nursing positions evenly painted the corresponding ointment and massage 10 minutes.
Step 3: Use this machine operating 20 to 25 minutes.
Step 4: Relaxing massage 5 to 10 minutes
Step 5: Clean care site
Step 6: paint the beauty care liquid on the have been care position.

3. Use method

Rhythm care breast
1. Connect the power line, Air duct, breast care cup, massage cup.
2. Adjust the suction switch” vacuum & spray “turn down the” MIN “.
3. Press the” pause/power” switch, the breast machine start work.
4. To adjust suction length of time,, for regulation release time, So that they will reach rhythm breast care effect.
Detoxification, suction fat, Massage
Press the "Pause / Power" button and the device are displayed as "88” at this time only have a single-suction, can adjust "Vacuum & Spray" switch to regulate the suction size.

4. Attention item
1. Beautician must read brochures, suction adjust from small to large.
2. To prevent accidents, Beautician should operation machinery under adjust to the best of circumstances to work.
3. It is normal after nursing the care parts have a slight of red and bruises, Beautician should be supplemented massage ease the situation.
4. Beautician selected breast care cup, single operation time and suction strength should be according to the customer of appropriate size. And observation the customer care situation at any time, in order to adjustments in time.
5. First should be counter-clockwise spin-regulating suction switch "V / TURNING" after completion operation, to prevent accidents.

5. Precaution 
1. Should avoid prolonged continuous use, Otherwise it will cause overheating and affect life
2. Should be preceded clean the care part for care and treatment, to prevent inhalation dirt affect the host life.
3. Prohibition private open machine, if you have any problem, please contact dealers maintenance.
6. Accessories
Mainframe: 1 set
Power line: 1 item
Breast care cup: 1 pair (60cm) 1 pair (80cm) 1 pair (120cm)
Hyacinth cup: 1 set (3 Hyacinth cups)
Glass pipe: 1 set (3 Glass pipe)
Red and black: 1 set
Trigeminal pipe: 1 item

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