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Hair styling products hot hair root positioning

Product Name: box root hot
Product specifications: 13*10cm
Efficacy: rooting hot can increase the rooting fluffy hair at the top; improved profile; modified root flow adjustment. Rooting hot small capacity adjustment for partial or whole root, in order to increase the amount of hair and to create a fluffy.
Hair perm bar positioning on the hairy root curling bar root bar rooting hot hot Peng Peng Peng hot invisible essential tools for hot DIY at home, you can do hairdressing operation is very simple
Using method:
1 is equivalent to ordinary Hanamaki, hair shampoo Bacheng dry, will need the hair divided into uniform film, with rooting bar clip. The next day a open is the effect you want oh!! This doesn't have to be caught in the roots are not limited!
2 perm hair pad
Uniform hair to the parts of the need to perm with a perm paper pad, gently buckle, in accordance with the instructions of the perm potion can be!! This can be a long time to have 3 months of discovery fluffy oh!

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